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Hello and welcome to my website!  Please look around and have fun.  If you need to contact me, write to:  I love to hear from my readers



WRITING A SCHOOL REPORT? LOOK HERE FIRST:  Do you need to know where I got the idea for Shark Girl?  Or my birthdate? Or anything like that?  Please check out the "School Report" page before writing to me... you may find the answer you need right there!  If not, feel free to write to me and ask away!

Librarians and teachers, if you interested in an informal Q and A visit by Skype for your book club or class, please contact me!  Let's chat!


CRITIQUE SERVICE:  Writers: Need help getting your manuscript ready for submission to an agent or editor? Would you like some private coaching on a weekly or biweekly basis to meet your goals? I offer critiques and coaching.  Check out HERE:

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