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COACHING and Manuscript Critiques


Sometimes having a deadline helps us to keep writing. I can work with you through weekly or bi-monthly packets.  We'll discuss your project/needs beforehand and set up your goals for each packet.  A thorough critique will come with each packet and we will have plenty of discussion about your work, your story, and your goals week to week. 

Are you a children's book author? Need help getting your manuscript in shape?  I work with writers on a one-on-one basis on all kinds of projects.  I can work with you on picture books, YA Novels, middle-grade novels, and a novel in verse.  Please check out my business page and e-mail me for details and to discuss your goals: 

              (Click the pencil!) 


Have you finished a book but want a second pair of eyes to look it over before sending it off?  Are you working on a manuscript and struggling?  I can help.  My critiques will cover character development, pacing, tension, your narrative arc, 'voice,' point of view, plot and story development.  Pricing depends on the length of the project.  Please write to me for details.


I frequently teach for, so please check their website for classes. I teach a class on writing the novel-in-verse, and classes on picture books.  

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